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Wizard mode

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Wizard mode guides you through all the steps described in How EFS works section. Typically, they are:


Select logical disk(s) to scan for keys (by default, all disks are checked)
Add user name(s) and password(s) to decrypt the keys
Select logical disk(s) to scan for encrypted files (by default, all NTFS disks are checked)
Select files to decrypt


At any time, you can switch to Expert mode by pressing the button on wizard screen; your current results (the keys or files that have been found) will not be lost. And/or you can uncheck the Show wizard at startup option when wizard is already running that will not terminate the wizard itself, but next time the program will start in Expert mode.


Press Back and Next buttons to navies through wizard; for example, you may wish to return to one of the previous steps to scan another disk (the one that has not been scanned yet) for keys or files, or add additional passwords if some/all keys have not been decrypted.


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