Elcomsoft Phone Breaker update: OS X version with iOS 9 iCloud backups support; Windows version fixes and improvements

The Mac version of Elcomsoft Phone Breaker receives a long-awaited update. Version 5.10 now offers full support for downloading iOS 9 cloud backups – a feature that’s been available to Windows users for more than a month. In addition, the Windows edition is also updated, fixing certain issues related to downloading app data from iOS 9 cloud backups and resolving the iCloud for Windows detection issue. The Windows edition also implements NVIDIA GPU acceleration for breaking the master password to 1Password databases extracted from all available sources (local and cloud backups, stand-alone Dropbox backups and iTunes sync are supported). GPU acceleration boosts attack speeds an order of magnitude or more (depending on the number of installed video cards and the format of the particular 1Password database).

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