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Press Releases

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  1. 10/08/2017. Elcomsoft Distributed Password Recovery Unlocks 1Password, KeePass, LastPass and Dashlane Vaults
  2. 20/07/2017. ElcomSoft Tool Decrypts WhatsApp iCloud Backups
  3. 13/07/2017. ElcomSoft breaks into legacy iPhones running iOS up to 9.3.4
  4. 22/06/2017. ElcomSoft Breaks into Windows 10 Devices, Provides Cloud Acquisition Solution
  5. 19/05/2017. Elcomsoft Recovers Deleted Notes from iCloud

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White Papers

  1. "Secure Password Managers" and "Military-Grade Encryption" on Smartphones: Oh, Really?. In this paper we will analyze applications designed to facilitate storing and management of passwords on mobile platforms, such as Apple iOS and BlackBerry. We will specifically focus our attention on the security of data at rest. We will show that many password keeper apps fail to provide claimed level of protection. File size: 265 K
  2. Open Sesame!. The easy way to restore access passwords to files, applications and databases. File size: 2220 K
  3. An effective approach to restoring system access in Windows. File size: 1999 K
  4. Proactive is better than reactive. Testing password safety – a key to securing a corporate network. File size: 1896 K

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Articles about Us

  1. Apple Continues Storing Notes Long After Deletion Channelnews 22/05/2017

    «A Russian security firm has found that notes deleted on iPhone, iPad and Mac devices can remain stored in the cloud for years. ElcomSoft was able to use its own software to extract deleted notes synced to a user’s iCloud account dating back to 2015, significantly beyond the 30-day period that Apple claims to retain notes in the ‘Recently Deleted’ folder before being “permanently deleted“.» Czytaj więcej

  2. Deleted iPhone Notes Remain Stored In iCloud Even After 30 Days UBERGIZMO 21/05/2017

    «Elcomsoft, a software company based in Russia, has found that iPhone notes written and stored in the handset’s Notes app and synced to iCloud remain stored even when they’ve been deleted by the user. The company says that the notes remain in storage also after the 30-day expiration period of the “Recently Deleted” category ends.» Czytaj więcej

  3. Apple doesn't always expunge deleted notes older than 30 days Engadget 20/05/2017

    «The iCloud Notes you delete are supposed to be permanently wiped within 30 days. Gone forever, never to be seen again. Russian security firm ElcomSoft has discovered, however, that Apple has been keeping deleted notes in the cloud for far longer. Its security researchers were able to retrieve notes that should've vanished weeks and months ago. In some cases, they were even able to recover notes from way back in 2015.» Czytaj więcej

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