New versions of EWSA and EPPB: now with support of ATI Radeon HD 5000 series cards!

ElcomSoft Co.Ltd. accelerates the recovery of Wi-Fi, iPhone and iPod passwords by using ATI video cards. The support of ATI Radeon 5000 series video accelerators allows ElcomSoft to perform password recovery up to 20 times faster compared to Intel quad-core CPUs.

The support of massively parallel computing available in the newest ATI video accelerators such as ATI Radeon HD5970 allows ElcomSoft to achieve password recovery speeds exceeding those of high-end CPUs. Our benchmarks (available at EWSA product page) demonstrate that ATI Radeon HD5970 accelerated password recovery works up to 20 times faster than Intel Core i7, Intel’s top of the line CPU.

Read the ElcomSoft Breaks Wi-Fi, iPhone and iPod Encryption Faster with New ATI Cards press release. And additional information on NVIDIA and ATI cards working together (in the same machine) is available in our blog.